What's in the heart of a hero, to put it all on the line for us all?

When we founded HeroFest, we came to the conclusion it is what is in the heart and very core of what makes America great. 

In the process of discovering how we could give back, we realized that there were two great needs out there:

1)  It takes way too much money just to raise money -

There has to be a better way of raising money than cutting down trees to send out millions of junk "begging" letters that go into our landfills.


2) People want to know their money is going where it will do the most good -  

We want most of the money we give to go to directly serve our worthy veterans.

Our focus at HeroFest® is to solve these two challengs.  Our promise to you is that we will do our very best to fulfill and meet the obligation your trust in our leadership has put on us. 

In the end, this IS what makes America great - that we come together to solve our problems.

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